Research Area: Scientific Computing

Creating a web interface to efficiently access databases that document the libraries NCCS users link against.  When users compile and link their codes, NCCS records what libraries the users link against, in order to make decisions related to software library management on the supercomputers.  There is no simple interface to the library usage data, however, making it difficult to obtain useful information from the databases.  This project will enable the output of statistical analysis reports on library usage, so that NCCS can easily obtain the data necessary for making decisions.  Examples of information sought from the database include the popularity of libraries and the usage rate of specific libraries (e.g. petsc, petsc-complex); the number of users still engaging in the use of deprecated packages, and their identities; which versions of software users are accessing and utilizing; and comparisons of the usage rate of NCCS-installed software versus the same packages provided by the vendor (e.g., BLAS).