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Nuclear Engineering 

  The following courses in our Nuclear Engineering functional area are offered through and for credit at the University of Tennessee.

NE-550 Nuclear Instrumentation—University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 18 hours

Description: Nuclear engineering graduate class NE-550, Radiation Measurements Laboratory, includes experiments in safeguards and medical physics. Course experiments, which will be performed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Safeguards Laboratory, include the following: In Situ Object Counting System (ISOCS)—3 hours lecture and lab; Holdup Measurements—3 hours lecture and 3 hours lab; Uranium Enrichment Measurements—3 hours lecture and lab; Handheld Radionuclide Identifiers—1 hour lab; Passive and Active Well Coincidence Counting—1 hour lecture, and 1 hour lab; Organ and Whole-Body Counting—3 hours lecture and tour of whole body counting system.

POC: Linda Paschal, 865.241.7636,        Register Interest


NE-403 Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Laboratory II—University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 16 hours

Description: The goal of this course is to convey to students an understanding of what international safeguards is and present career options in the nonproliferation arena. Course experiments will be performed at the ORNL Safeguards Laboratory and will cover handheld isotope identifiers (with student exercises), spent fuel measurements, enrichment measurements, neutron detection, and hands-on use of active well coincidence counters.

POC: Linda Paschal, 865.241.7636,         Register Interest