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International Safeguards 

The Coming of the Nuclear Renaissance for Safeguard Specialists-Seminar/Workshop (4 days)

Description: The Coming Nuclear Renaissance is a course the covers the nuclear fuel cycle, safeguards for enrichment of uranium and plutonium reprocessing, we also cover the types of reactors and computer codes related to nuclear nonproliferation.  In addition we cover the legal framework including international treaties and agreements, international safeguards technology, domestic material control and accounting and physical protection and the role of the nuclear regulatory commission in accounting and protection of nuclear materials. 

Target audience: Professors and university students

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924,                              Register Interest

Nuclear Nonproliferation Summer Seminar Series-Seminar/Workshop (10 weeks)

Description: A ten week series of lectures of subject matter experts. It is always facilitated by a summer intern, preferably someone just graduating from high school. Topics include: The Historical Perspective of Nuclear Nonproliferation, Simulation of the Facility with Safeguards and Security, Safeguards Enrichment Technology, Commodities Indicators, Legal Framework Overview, Nonproliferation Efforts of Russia and Other FSU Countries, Nuclear Reactors as well as Proliferation Risk.

Target Audience: Summer interns, mentors, and professional staff

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924, ,                               

The International Nonproliferation Workshop-Seminar/Workshop (3 days)

Description: This course will cover the various aspects of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives treaties and agreements/conventions, regimes, declarations, and regulatory oversight and on-site inspections. These topics will be complimented by exercises relevant to the material discussed.

Target Audience: Professors, University Students, Professional Staff and Federal Employees.

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924, ,                              Register Interest

The State System of Accounting and Control-Seminar/Workshop (3 days) 

Description: This course is divided into three categories: The nuclear fuel cycle, material control and accounting and physical security systems. All regulatory requirements at the international level are discussed on day one and excercises that depict anomalies at a facility associated with the fuel cycle presented. At the end of day one, students are given a scenario where they must determine anomalies, resolutions, and identify governing factors. On day two students are exposed to MC&A safeguards approaches at facilities and discussions revolve around specific MC&A aspects such as: material balance areas, defense in depth, measurement systems, containment/surveillance measures, satellite imagery, environmental sampling, open source information, and export control processes. On day three, discussions include the governing bodies for intrusion, the international physical protection treaty, and table top excercises that demonstrate the application of treaties and ability to recognize declared and undeclared activities in a facility.

Target Audience: Summer interns, mentors, professional staff, and federal staff.

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924, ,                               Register Interest

An Overview of Nuclear Safeguards-Seminar/Workshop (3 days)

Description: The short course will provide a broad overview of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, the elements of Material Control and Accounting, the Physical Inventory Taking Process, Contain and Surveillance Systems, an overview of statistics, some basics on radiation detection including demonstrations that illustrate how the equipment works and experiments, and the fundamentals of the Non Destructive Assay Measurements. The three day course will consist of a half day of lectures in the morning and a half day of hands-on activities in the afternoon. The hands on activities are specifically designed to enhance learning and develop experience.

Target Audience: Federal employees and student interns                           

POC: Linda Paschal, 865.241.7636,                                               Register Interest                          

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education Development-Seminar/Workshop

Description: The NNP education program will provide an overviewof the broader nuclear nonproliferation topics such as: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, The Regulatory Framework, Material Control and Accounting (i.e., nondestructive assay measurements, nuclear material accounting, tamper indicating device programs, and physical inventory taking etc.), Physical protection (i.e., design basis threats, performance testing, vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, and containment/surveillance etc.), Transportation, Export Controls, and Developing a Career Path. These topics are the mechanism for providing a foundation for increasing the number of trained specialists in the field of nuclear energy where the current specialists base is reaching retirement age and leaving a void of experience.

Target Audience: Interns, mentors, professional staff, and federal staff

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924,                                   Register Interest

Developing the Next Generation International Safeguard Specialists-Seminar/Workshop (3 days)

Description: The goal of this workshop is to provide a process that represents a best practice that can be used by the government, industry, and universities to proliferate graduate certificate programs for safeguards and nonproliferation practitioners. The workshop provides a forum for identifying functional positions and assessing information to determine the requirements for progressing from performing at an entry level to becoming an expert in the field. The students will learn about safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation from subject matter experts with over 30+ years experience in the field, the students will understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for nuclear safeguards. Students and professors will also design a certificate program that meets the safeguards and nonproliferation needs.

Target Audience: Summer interns, mentors, professional staff, federal staff, university professors, and students.

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924,
        Chris Pickett, 865.574.0891,

        Bernadette Kirk, 865.574.6176, 
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ANS Workshop for Professional Development-Seminar/Workshop (1 day)

Description: The workshop is designed to identify safeguards and security components in a nuclear facility. Students will be able to determine the protection that an integrated system of physical security, material control and accountability safeguards in an operations environment deploys. The workshop will consist of a 3D simulation of a model nuclear facility with two facilitators: one who is a physical security subject matter expert and the other who is a nuclear material control and accounting subject matter expert. The facilitators will provide the students with an understanding of how physical security and nuclear material control and accountability are integrated at a nuclear facility as well as identifying specific safeguards and security activities.

Target Audience: Summer interns, professional staff, and federal staff.

POC: Dyrk Greenhalgh, 865.241.5631,
           Geneva Johnson, 865.574.7017,
         Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924,
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IAEA Inspection Course focused on Proliferation Indicators-Seminar/Workshop (3 days)

Description: This course uses a model of a 3 dimensional nuclear facility that depicts all aspects associated with International Safeguards at the IAEA. The students will learn about the inspection process: specifically the pre-planning, planning, conduct, and follow-up an inspection. The course also includes the discussion of proliferation indicators as well as the impact of communication, observation, and technical writing.

Target Audience: Summer interns, professional staff, and federal staff.

POC: Dawn Eipeldauer, 865.241.6924,                                     Register Interest