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How To Do Business with ORNL
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How To Do Business With ORNL

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). We are committed to maximizing utilization of small businesses and educational institutions in the execution of our responsibilities in the operation of the Laboratory.

Below are some specific steps you can take to maximize your potential for doing business with ORNL:

  1. Register your business in the System for Award Management (SAM) database.
  2. Review the information on the ORNL Small Business Programs Office website and the ORNL website.
  3. Register your business in the Supplier Information Database included on the website. Include all NAICS codes under which your business is classified, since searches are often done on these specific codes.
    NOTE: The North American Industrial Classification System or "NAICS" codes were developed by the Census Bureau to replace the SIC Code. NAICS codes recognize hundreds of new businesses in our economy, primarily in the fast growing service sector. NAICS classifications are updated regularly to keep pace with changing business conditions and information needs
  4. Email Cassandra McGee Stuart a one-page capabilities statement/statement of qualifications to better acquaint us with your company.
  5. For construction and demolition contractors, in order to bid on construction/demolition projects at the ORNL, you must be on our list of Eligible Awardees for construction. If you are interested in becoming a qualified construction contractor, follow these instructions on how to submit your package for consideration.
  6. For high end/specialized fabrication small businesses, you may be interested in the procurement opportunities of our ITER project. Go to the U.S. ITER website for more information.

HelpfulHintsHelpful Hints:

  • Research ORNL at our website to understand what we do and to identify any potential opportunities.
  • Keep your information up-to-date in the registries.
  • Visit the ORNL Small Business Programs Office website periodically for updated listings of future procurements under
    Upcoming Procurements.”Downloadable PDF
  • Contact the appropriate buyer of your product/services. Our buying staff is located within the ORNL Acquisition Management Systems Division. You may also gain access through a related link on the Small Business Programs Office website under Acquisition Management Services. Once you have determined the appropriate buyer by assignment, it is recommended that you contact them, or the relevant Group Leader, directly by phone or email. Contact information can be obtained by clicking on the name. Finding the right buyer is sometimes difficult, but be persistent!
  • Provide the buyer with specific information about your small business classification, capabilities, and previous track record with ORNL and/or other government prime contractors.
  • If you have performed work for ORNL previously, keep in touch with your Technical Contacts and ask them to inform others or your capabilities. Call your Technical Contact and request a recommendation letter and the name of the buyer who handles the kinds of products or services your business provides.

 Directions to SBPO are provided via this MapQuest link.

 How To Do Business With ORNL

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