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Computers-For-Learning Program
The Computers-For-Learning Program is a program administered by the Government Services Administration (GSA) which provides excess government computers and related equipment to primary and secondary schools throughout the United States. To determine if your school or educational institution is eligible to receive this type of property and to acquire computers items for your education institution.  The website is :
Laboratory Equipment Donation Program - LEDP (previously ERLE)
The Laboratory Equipment Donation Program was established by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to grant available used equipment to institutions of higher education for energy-related research. The LEDP website is:

At the top of the page, click on Search Equipment, type in the keyword and click Submit. When item list appears, click on the item of interest and enter your request. You will then be required to complete the application form that is sent to DOE for approval.
Non-Profit Organizations (Schools) - State Office of Donations
The State Office of Donations, as established in Federal Property Management Regulations and in Tennessee Code Annotated, coordinates the receipt of donated excess federal property. Non-profit, state and local organizations can register with the State Office of Donations to become a "screener" for federal property. No screener's card will be issued which allows full-time employees of eligible organizations to visit the Excessing & Property Sales warehouse. For more information, the State's website is:



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